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On site Employee Benefit Mortgage Workshops

A mortgage is the single biggest financial commitment that most of us will make in our lifetime.

Given the amount of offerings available in the mortgage market finding the right mortgage takes a lot of time and knowledge. The wrong decision could currently cost in excess of €30,000 in excess interest payments. Equally recent Central Bank Research has highlighted the fact that 1/5 existing mortgage holders or 100,000 borrowers could save a significant amount of money by switching mortgage provider.

We provide on-site Educational Mortgage Workshops to the employees of companies. This ensures that they are fully educated regarding the mortgage market, the application process and the best options available to them. It also saves them significant time and most importantly money.

A number of Companies we work with have found this to be an important and valuable benefit which they can provide to their employees at no cost to the Company or the employee. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our mortgage service in more detail with the appropriate person in your company.


“Affinity Advisors have recently provided us with on-site Employee Benefit Mortgage Workshops with great success. The combination of larger workshops and individual 121 sessions have helped our employees get fast access to reliable support and information and as we strive to help employees gain access to relevant / important information and improve work life balance by facilitating services onsite we will look to continue to develop this relationship.”

Jackie Flatley – Senior HR Business Partner, Guidewire Software Dublin 15.

"As part of our monthly company wide team meetings, we agreed to a slot for Affinity Advisors to come and speak with our team on where we could save money, time and hassle for those thinking of getting on the housing ladder or those already on it. Trevor convinced me of the value of this when he demonstrated to me the importance of making smart decisions in relation to what was one of the biggest financial decisions I would make. I felt it was important for our team to have the opportunity to understand this also and how it may help them in their own journey. Affinity Advisors presented a very clear story and rationale for assessing options, current arrangements and how decisions now can affect future choices. Their process is not just about the here and now, it considers where you might want to be in 5 years’ time or 15 years’ time. Our team found it extremely valuable”

Gary O’Sullivan – Partner, Pathfinder Dublin 2.

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Our guarantee is to firstly understand your unique and individual requirements and then use our significant expertise and market knowledge to endevour to secure the most favourable and suitable product available to you. We are committed to saving you time and money.

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