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World of pensions is broad

The world of pensions is broad and tends to be fairly complex. At Affinity Advisors, we seek to outline the best options available on retirement to help you structure your own pension plan in the most efficient manner possible, to help select the best partners to work with and to ensure the most advantageous post-retirement benefits are achieved. Our partners enable us to offer you some of the best funds and investment opportunities available at both a local level and on a global basis.


Pensions facts and figures!

PEOPLE WHO INVEST IN PENSIONS LIVE LONGER The average life expectancy for a man in the Ireland is 79, but if you’re a man who buys a pension, you can expect to live longer. Insurers work on the basis that you’ll live till 90! I guess this is because many pension buyers have worked in white collar jobs and been ‘sensible’ for most of their lives. And, in a way, it’s good news as it means many pension buyers will have the opportunity to do lots of new things in a long retirement. But it also helps to explain why pension rates are so low.....

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