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Self-employed customers? Talk to Affinity....

At Affinity we understand the nature of working for yourself and have a refreshing approach to assessing the self-employed.

  • Retained Earnings

    We don't just look at drawings or directors remuneration, we'll take account of consistent retained earnings too.

  • Evidence of Earnings

    We need just two years income for assessment.

  • Pension Contributions

    We don't penalise applicants for being careful about their future, so we'll consider pension contributions in excess of 9% at assessment.

  • And Great Service Too!

    Combine that with service that'll get your cases from full application to formal offer in just 10 days and we'll think you'll be very pleasantly surprised by what Affinity has to offer.

Talk to Affinity about your self-employed cases today!


“Securing a mortgage in my name was an arduous process that took almost a year. Trevor was committed, unflappable and persistent throughout the entire process. He utilized his vast knowledge of the market and network of contacts to secure the most suitable product for my needs. I have the utmost respect for his professionalism and admiration for his determination. At times I felt the process was hopeless but, he was always confident that he could help me and he did. I heartily recommend him to friends, family and beyond. If you need help solving a financial problem then I would suggest you contact Trevor today!”

Celine Crawford