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Recent Central Bank research has shown that 1/5 mortgage holders or over 100,000 mortgage borrowers could save thousands of euro on their mortgage by switching.

Lots of consumers switch their broadband or electricity provider to save hundreds of euros when they could switch mortgage provider and save thousands.

We have helped some customers save thousands of euros by assisting them in switching mortgage provider and the process is relatively straightforward. In many cases you can switch for free as the cost of switching may be covered by your new Lender. Rates as low as 2.3% fixed x 2 years, 2.55% fixed x 3 years, 2.6% fixed x 4 years, 2.4% fixed x 5 years, 2.95% fixed x 7 years, 2.85% fixed x 10 years and 2.75% variable subject to loan to value and in some cases opening a current account and servicing the mortgage through that account are now available. We have helped customers save between €20,000 - €40,000 over the term of their mortgage by switching. Some Lenders will pay you up to €3000 to cover the cost of switching your mortgage!!

If you are interested in finding out whether you can save thousands of euros by switching provider please send the following information, relating to your mortgage, to us in confidence:


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