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Your mortgage is likely to be the single biggest financial commitment of your lifetime and account for a significant amount of your net monthly income.

Our Mortgage Market Comparison Tool allows you to compare your existing mortgage to the best options in the market and understand the potential monthly and annual savings available.

In most cases you can switch provider for free and in some cases avail of up to 3% cashback. Our award winning service is market based and impartial Click here to see what some our customers think of us

There are many reasons to switch your mortgage:

  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments.
  • Save €000’s on interest.
  • To reduce your mortgage term.
  • To use the savings to fund an item you might have had to previously borrow for, e.g. home improvements, education, holiday or car finance.







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The above result is based on the lowest rate available to you based on the details input. To see more interest rate options please choose “see more options?”

Quoted savings are based on the lowest rate available. Switching your mortgage is subject to Lender criteria including, income assessment, loan to value and satisfactory credit history.

Lenders minimum switcher package offers €1,500 towards legal fees and a free valuation which in general covers all costs. Cashback options are also available and offer up to 3% of your mortgage balance back in cash.

Costs associated with mortgage switching are legal fees which in general are approximately €1,500 and a valuation fee of €150. You may incur a break penalty if you switch your mortgage during a fixed period. Legal costs can vary and obtaining a written quote is recommended.